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Silva Headlamp Battery 7.0 Ah (51.8 Wh)

Silva Headlamp Battery 7.0 Ah (51.8 Wh)

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Headlamp Battery 7.0 Ah (51.8 Wh) is a powerful lightweight battery. It is rechargeable via USB-C and can be attached to a bike frame, handlebar or similar with the Battery Velcro Strap (sold separately). It can also be attached to your headband using the Battery Holder 7.0. This battery fits headlamps in the series Exceed, Trail Speed and Cross Trail.

This battery is water resistant in accordance to the IPX5 standard and includes a smart velcro attachment giving you additional flexibility while using your headlamp. It has a battery level indicator and offers a substantial burn time without adding too much weight. The battery indication will be displayed for 30 seconds after you turn on the headlamp. Headlamp Battery 7.0 Ah (51.8 Wh) has the Silva standard cable connector (rectangular) meaning that it fits all headlamps with a rectangular connection plug from 2008 and onwards.

Optimized charging
The Headlamp Battery 7.0 Ah (51.8 Wh) features USB-C charging and has a 5-step battery charge indicator. The charging time is 8 hours by default. However, if you combine it with the Headlamp Battery Charger you can reach up to 4x faster charging. You can also use the USB Charge Adapter along with this battery to turn it into a power bank – perfect when you need to charge your mobile phone or tablet on your adventure.

Fits professional headlamps
The Headlamp Battery 7.0 Ah (51.8 Wh) also fits headlamps in our professional series with the rectangular connection plug. Among them LR2000 RC, LR1200 RC and LR600 RC.

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