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KZM Tribus Tunnel Tent

KZM Tribus Tunnel Tent

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Tribus, a tunnel tent with three main poles for easy and quick installation, it shows a wide living room and inner tent, and performs wonderful open tent with a canopy type doors.


  • Brand: KZM
  • Material:
    1) Main tent - P/OXF 150D PU 3000mm TEFLON COATING UV BLACK                      PIGMENT COATING
    2) Roof - P/T 75D 190T PU 1500mm W/R
    3) Inner tent - P/T 68D 190T BR W/R, Floor - P/OXF 150D PU 2000mm W/R
    4) Ground sheet - P/OXF 150D PU 1500mm W/R
  • Component : Body, Inner tent, Ground sheet, Daisy chain, Main pole 2EA,          Front-Rear pole 2EA, Ridge pole, Canopy pole 2EA, Steel peg 18EA, String        6EA, Carry bag
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Size : Tent- 535x335x215cm / Storage- 80x31x31cm / Inner-                                315(215)x265x190cm


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