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Leki Evotrail FX. ONE TA Trail Running Poles (Black/Neonyellow/Dark Anthracite)

Leki Evotrail FX. ONE TA Trail Running Poles (Black/Neonyellow/Dark Anthracite)

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The Evotrail FX.One TA from Leki are impressively lightweight trail running poles. Not only will you barely notice them in your hands, but also when carrying them in your backpack. By pressing a button, the poles can be compressed to a fraction of their size, so they won’t take up any space at all. Plus, they have high-quality grips and an adjustable wrist strap, so they’ll stay in your hands and fit nicely. The poles also have a quick-release system to quickly separate the straps to the poles.

To ensure you have a good grip on various surfaces, the poles are equipped with sharp and durable tips. This prevents you from slipping and ensures a good power transfer.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The Evotrail FX.One TA is a stable Trail Running pole for all requirements. It will win you over with its many details. The shaft, made from high-strength aluminum, is equipped with a cork grip and Trigger Shark 2.0 system. This allows the strap to be engaged or disengaged from the pole quickly. The Trigger Shark strap keeps your hands securely on the pole. Thanks to the push button release mechanism, the pole can be folded together to just 38 cm with the touch of a button.
  • The LEKI Evotrail FX One TA trail running poles features our Shark grip system that offers you optimal power transmission through a direct connection between hand and pole. Fast clicking in and out is no problem. All Shark straps and gloves are compatible with all Shark poles.
  • Versatile multisport grip. The Shark 2.0 grip of the LEKI Evotrail FX One TA offers perfect power transmission and easy handling. It is therefore ideal for cross-country skiing and Nordic walking. But roller skiing and trail running are also sports in which the all-rounder has proven itself.
  • Infinitely adjustable and individually adaptable strap. It allows quick and easy clicking in and out of the pole and is compatible with all Shark poles.
  • Aluminium HTS (Highest Treated Shaft). Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.
  • The push button system enables folding poles to be assembled and dismantled quickly at the touch of a button.
  • Compact Nordic Walking plate. Protects against sinking into soft ground and can be easily changed by hand.
  • Robust tip that guarantees precise pole use and a perfect hold in almost any terrain.
  • Practical, ultra-light storage bag for storing the folding poles.


      • Usable Length :
      1. [105 cm] 105 cm
      2. [110 cm] 110 cm
      3. [115 cm] 115 cm
      4. [120 cm] 120 cm
      5. [125 cm] 125 cm
      6. [130 cm] 130 cm
      • Collapsed Length : 
      1. [110cm]: 33.2cm
      2. [115cm]: 34.5cm
      3. [120cm]: 35cm

      How to measure:

      For Walking, hiking and backpacking: Stability and support matter most. Size up if you're right on a size cusp.
      For Running: Uphill propulsion matters most. Size down if you're right on a size cusp.

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