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Knockaround Premiums Sunglasses - Shark Week 2023

Knockaround Premiums Sunglasses - Shark Week 2023

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The Shark Week Premiums feature an ocean blue front over a soft sunset pink base—a familiar San Diego color combo. Down the outside of each arm swims a splashing great white shark backed by cresting waves and a brilliant pink sunset sky. The arms’ interiors feature a friendly mix of sharks from the point of view of a scuba diver (if you’ve ever looked upwards while underwater, you know what we mean). Polarized silver scale lenses and hardware round out this oceanically awesome pair of shades!

Designed on our best-selling frame style, these Premiums are form-fitting, universally flattering and provide full UV400 sun protection. Every pair comes with an ocean sunset microfiber protective pouch and commemorative Shark Week packaging.

$3 from every pair of Shark Week sunglasses sold will be donated to Oceana in their ongoing effort to protect the world’s oceans. Shark Week returns this summer on Discovery!

  • Ocean blue front frame exterior
  • Soft sunset pink frame interior
  • Breaching great white shark on each arm exterior
  • White K-logos
  • Discovery Shark Week lens etch
  • Polarized silver scale lenses
  • Discovery Shark Week 35th Anniversary microfiber protective pouch
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection
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