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Snow Peak

Snow Peak Field Cooker PRO.1 Cookset CS-021

Snow Peak Field Cooker PRO.1 Cookset CS-021

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  • Snow Peak CS-021
  • Material
  • Billy Pots: Stainless Steel
  • Mesh Basket: Stainless Steel
  • Frying Pan: Black-skinned Iron Plate (1.2mm thick)
  • Weight
  • 3.3kg
  • Dimensions
  • 230 Billy Pot:23cm(D) × 16cm(H)
  • 200 Billy Pot:20cm(D) × 13.8cm(H)
  • 180 Billy Pot:18cm(D) × 11.8cm(H)
  • Mesh Basket:21.5cm(D) × 11cm(H)
  • Frying Pan:24cm(D) × 5.5cm(H)
  • Storage:25cm(D) × 21cm(H)
  • Volume
  • 230 Billy Pot:6.6L
  • 200 Billy Pot:4.3L
  • 180 Billy Pot : 3L
  • Content Includes
  • 230 Billy Pot × 1
  • 200 Billy Pot × 1
  • 180 Billy Pot × 1
  • Mesh Basket × 1
  • Frying Pan  × 1
  • Knob Handle × 1
  • Pot Handle × 1
  • Pot Handle Case × 1
  • Mesh storage case × 1
  • Higlights
  • A complete camp kitchen cookware set, the Field Cooker Pro. 1 Set is a five-piece collection of pots, frying pans, and mesh strainer to suit all cooking needs
  • The three pots range in capacity from 3L to 6.6L with adjustable handle for easy mobility
  • The included wooden handle can be used interchangeably on either the pan or any pot
  • Additionally, use the handle case as an oven mitt. When not in use, nest all items together and store conveniently. Please note, the Field Cooker Pro. 1 Set is best used for gas and charcoal cooking. To clean, wash all stainless steel items with light soap and water
  • To use the frying pan, first prep by coating the pan with a thin layer of oil and heating evenly. To clean, wash with hot water, heat to dry and add a thin layer of oil before storing
  • All-in-one cookset 
  • Excellent stacking: Billy pots and mesh baskets can be stacked and covered with a frying pan with the handle removed
  • Made of tough stainless steel that gives off a taste when smoked on a bonfire
  • Anyway, a useful mesh basket. A cooker who can be a member of the family
  • How to train a black-skinned iron plate frying pan to your own specifications:  
        - The frying pan is made of professional black-skinned iron plate. It is a spec that you can enjoy Chinese food on high heat.

    (1) When using a black-skinned iron plate for the first time, first remove the rust-preventive coating on the surface. First, bake the entire frying pan evenly.
    (2) Next, add a lot of oil and heat it again. At this time, if you fry the waste vegetables together, the metallic odor will disappear and you can make the surface condition familiar with oil.
    (3) For maintenance after use, do not use detergent and wash with hot water. After washing, heat it to dry, and then lightly grind it with cooking oil and store it

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