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Silva Spike Jet Classic Compass MN

Silva Spike Jet Classic Compass MN

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The Spike Jet Classic comes with a rotatable housing with 360° graduation markings, extended orienteering lines on the baseplate and three different scale sliders.

The baseplate has a detachable scale slider at the tip that helps you measure the exact distance between two places on the map. This way you can more easily plan your race. If you choose to detach the scale slider, you have even more transparency and map visibility. With the Spike Jet, you get 3 separate scale sliders, that can also be flipped, giving you a total of 6 different scales to choose from – 1:40 k, 1:7.5 k, 1:10 k, 1:15 k, 1:3 k, 1:4 k. The stencil holes for start and control markings are great when you want to create your own orienteering race.

As with all the other Arc Jet and Spike Jet compasses, this model features the all new Jet 2.0 Needle with unmatched stability and world-class performance in needle settling time.

If you prefer a more compact and slim version of this compass, see Spike Jet.

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